In our latest magazine, Perspective 04, we asked 8 industry experts to share a scenario of an unforeseen consequence of AVs and EVs.

Each expert brings a unique perspective to the future of mobility and the wider impact these innovations could have on our lives.

Featuring views form:

Don Norman
Director, The Design Lab, University of California, San Diego

Timandra Harkness
Presenter of BBC Radio 4′s FutureProofing. Author ‘Big Data: does size matter?

Gregory Votolato
Lecturer, MA Design, Royal College of Art

Jim Shaw
Head of Concepts, Bentley Motors

Gadi Amit
Principle, NewDeal Design

Simon Tong
Principle Research Scientist, TRL

Austin Williams
Director of the Future Cities Project. Founder of New Narratives

Colin McKerracher
Head of Advanced Transport, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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More about perspective 04

This issue’s theme is navigating the future of mobility, exploring some of the potential impacts of Electric and Autonomous vehicles on society. By taking a longer view we present some of our speculations of the opportunities and challenges we face.

It also includes articles by the Plan team on: VR, Digital detox, Voice control, Mass customisation and much more.

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