Product-service strategy


We join the dots
between scoping opportunities,
building strategy and managing action


  • Consumer research We investigate people’s contexts, attitudes and needs to create more compelling product experiences.
  • Market analysis We examine the competitive landscape through different lenses to figure out where to play, and for insights into how to win.
  • Industry foresight  We help make sense of change and build a point of view on the future, by analysing trends and consulting experts.


  • Experience vision We create inspirational visions of the future to focus efforts on a common and compelling purpose.
  • Value conception We help develop simple, distinctive and credible customer propositions that offer value to companies, customers and partners.
  • Portfolio planning We help companies develop and deliver product ranges that are efficient, coherent and easy to navigate.


  • Organisation and culture When strategies change, we help to embed new management structures and a cohesive internal design culture.
  • Capability development We help managers to recruit the right people and adapt their team’s capabilities to meet shifting business needs.
  • Tools and processes We help develop frameworks, processes and communication tools to make strategies tangible and embed them within organisations.

How we work

Five strategic habits

  • Frame the Challenge

    Frame the Challenge

    Strategic challenges tend to be fuzzy and complex. We identify the key dimensions of the challenge and use them to build a clear framework that defines the scope and nature of the problem to be solved.

  • Combine perspectives

    Combine perspectives

    To get a rounded view of the issues and opportunities, we circle the challenge to gather different perspectives. This helps us to uncover blind spots and triangulate between data points to verify our understanding.

  • Zoom in and out

    Zoom in and out

    In order to keep innovation initiatives aligned with wider business objectives, we continually adjust our focus: stepping back to situate problems in a big-picture context, and getting up close to consider the fine details of the product experience.

  • Mix rigour with creativity

    Mix rigour with creativity

    When it comes to innovation, relying solely on analysis or on intuitive leaps only takes you so far. We combine rigor and intuition throughout the process to structure and solve problems.

  • Communicate lucidly

    Communicate lucidly

    To prevent strategies bouncing off organisations, we craft clear, concise, and cogent communications. We try to combine clarity of thought with examples, metaphors and stories that connect.

  • 'Working with Plan was a pleasure. They supported us in re-strategizing the product portfolio and establishing design culture without sending out the big Armada like consulting firms normally do. Together with the in-house design team, we could solve very specialized challenges in smart an efficient way.'

    SVP – Chief Designer

  • 'What sets Plan apart is a distinctive blend of intellectual rigour; a sharp commercial mindset; an insightful, strategic viewpoint; clear, accessible communication – and sheer common sense.'

    Personal Systems Group

  • 'We value Plan as one of the key strategic consultancies when it comes to identifying and transforming business goals, trends and human needs into tangible actions. We continuously work together with Plan and enjoy the smart, professional and insightful expertise they bring into our projects.'

    Head of Experience Strategy

  • 'Consultancies are often guilty of playing back what clients want to hear, but in Plan’s case they worked closely with us and really listened to understand the real problem and challenge our assumptions, constructively. The quality of the end output was truly exceptional, and has significantly moved on our approach to this new proposition.'

    Head of Energy Propositions

  • ‘I’ve never worked with people who spend as much time and care crafting the right question as they do curating beautiful answers. Working with Plan is a liberating and inspiring experience.'

    Personal Systems Group

  • ‘Plan made something that we had found complicated, rigorously simple.’

    SVP Design

  • 'It's hard to find consulting firms that are well balanced between creativity and smartness. Plan is peerless in research and design strategy.'

    Senior manager,
    Technology Strategy Team

  • 'Plan has a unique ability to create a framework for analysing subjective information in an objective and scientific way. They present results in a way that offers (often surprising) insights and deliverable solutions.'

    Head of Device Strategy

  • Trading up to a premium positioning

    Framing the challenges of premiumising an offer and outlining the steps to be taken.

  • New product-service business concepts

    High-level new business propositions outside a client’s existing scope of activities.

  • Training a community of experience design leaders

    Rolling out a new process on a global scale and nurturing a community of practice.