Our founder Kevin McCullagh is giving a keynote speech at the dmi: Design Management Conference  being held in Bonn on April 9 – 11. Companies today must contend with unprecedented changes in society, technology, and business complexity and the conference will explore how design is humanising technology in fin-tech, digital health and future technologies.

Kevin’s talk will build on some of the ideas he explored in his article for Icon magazine on how a number of anxieties are dominating thinking about robotics and artificial intelligence. The article gives a cool look at the facts.  At the conference Kevin will bring his future-focused viewpoint to a discussion on the impact of AI and robotics. Rather than fearing the shift, he sees it as the next step in the long process of automation, which can unlock economic growth, create new and more interesting work, and fuel innovation. You can read some of Kev’s thoughts on innovations in mobility, published in our recent issue of Perspective, here

You can book tickets for the conference Design & Innovation Management in the Age of Transformation here. We hope to see some of you there.

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