How we work

Five principles that guide us

Frame the challenge

Strategic challenges are often fuzzy and complex. We start by identifying the key dimensions of the problem, using these to build a clear framework. This helps us define the scope and nature of the challenge that needs to be addressed.

Combine perspectives

To get a full, rounded view of issues and opportunities, we circle the challenge to explore different perspectives. This helps us avoid blind spots and cross-reference data points to make sure we’ve understood everything.

Zoom in and out

To keep innovation aligned with wider business objectives, we continually adjust our focus. We step back to consider the bigger picture. And we get up close to consider the finer details of the product experience.

Mix rigour with creativity

With innovation, relying solely on analysis or solely on intuitive leaps will only take you so far. We bring left-brain and right-brain thinking together, combining rigour and intuition to structure and solve problems.

Communicate lucidly

To make sure organisational strategies stick, we craft clear, concise, compelling communications. We combine clarity of thought with examples, metaphors and stories that connect with people.


We’re always interested in meeting smart product people, who want to get even smarter.

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Working at Plan

What former colleagues thought about their time with us.

If you are passionate about delivering high-quality, creative strategy for great clients, there can’t be many better places than Plan. I not only learned the importance of having a 360 degree view of business, brand, consumers, society, design and technology, but also the importance of structured problem framing. These skills have not just influenced my career to date, they are the foundation upon which it is built.

Richard Green

Head of Future Studies & Ideation, Jaguar Land Rover
Time at Plan: 2005-2016

Plan was fun and formative for me! It took me worldwide, from Sao Paulo street parties to Mumbai markets and a little too frequently – the local pub. I learned to take as much care framing a problem as forming a perspective, plus the power of simplifying to clarify a point of view.

Alex Bradley

Executive Strategy Director, Eight Inc.
Time at Plan: 2009-2015

I credit Plan for honing the research, strategy and copywriting skills that I still get credited for today! It’s such a unique place where craft, wit, gumption and good vibes all unite… with amazing clients and projects to boot!

Jeanne Marell

Director, Experience Innovation, GN Hearing

Time at Plan: 2012-2014

I appreciated the combination of rigour, friendliness, quality focus and great projects. I had the chance to work on projects that would take me, and the whole team, to explore new territories, with the time to think and do the right thing.

Valérie Pegon

VP Product & Experiece, Cronycle
Time at Plan: 2010-2013

Having the opportunity to work at Plan was arguably the most invaluable of my career. It is a place of energy, ideas, vision, and focus and remains influential in my decision-making today. Plan is a rare commodity within product strategy.

Bryan Jandrell

CEO and Brand Director VAARA
Time at Plan: 2008-2010

The best thing about my time at Plan was the tight-knit team and how well we worked together. I learned that putting time and effort into the right kind of detail elevates your work to another level.

Reef Urfali

Product Operations Manager at WorldRemit
Time at Plan: 2015-2018

No ego, no bullshit. Working at Plan is to work with and alongside incredibly talented, smart yet lovely people. My two most invaluable takeaways that will continue to pay dividends throughout my career are deep rigour and clarity of thinking. I will always hold a fondness for the time I spent there, and the people I came to know.

Amy Huckfield

User Experience Researcher, Facebook
Time at Plan: 2016-2020

What a smart bunch – during my time at Plan, I learned fast across various fields. They really lay focus on sharing knowledge and best-practise across the team. And everyone is invited and encouraged to contribute.

Irina Massmann

Design Research & Service innovation consultant
Time at Plan: 2014-2020