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Breathing life into a segmentation model

  • Breathing life into a segmentation model
  • Breathing life into a segmentation model
  • Breathing life into a segmentation model

A consumer technology client asked us to help clarify and communicate a recently developed consumer segmentation model, which the marketing, product planning and design teams found confusing and dry.

We began by resolving some gaps and overlaps in the segmentation model, to improve its comprehensiveness – combining the base data with our wider knowledge of consumers and the market. We then developed rich segment profiles, integrating data from various sources.

We designed and produced a box set of digitally printed books that became a widely used reference tool by design, product planning, marketing and sales departments.

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Project type

Consumer models

Defining who a product or service is for in a way that everyone in the company can engage with is easier said than done. Models based on segmentation rarely meet the mark – they typically prove too dry and inflexible, and quickly go out of date. Meanwhile, each new opportunity tends to suggest new groups of potential users to target.

We begin by investigating the knowledge gaps, misunderstandings and communication preferences that different audiences display. We clearly frame each audience group and agree an appropriate profiling format – for example, creating an archetypal persona to represent each group. We then combine hard and soft data to create compelling models, using vivid communication and storytelling to connect with marketing and design teams.