Product-service strategy

Case study

Creating a consumer
experience model to
unify design efforts

  • Creating a consumer <br>experience model to <br>unify design efforts

A client asked us to help kick-start a new initiative to join up its pack, product and graphic design efforts. The team had been familiar with the concept of ‘experience design’ since the late nineties, but lacked the coherent approach that would allow them to systematically apply it in a non-technology setting.

We kicked off the effort by organising a knowledge building conference, gathering external thought leaders from other corporations to share their perspectives on using an experience-led approach to improve design cohesion. At the end of an inspiring two days of presentations and discussions, we helped our client’s team to codify their own ‘Experience Design’ vocabulary and outline a program of work to pilot its application.

After the conference we continued to support the team in developing an experience model, framework and process for innovation, in a way relevant to the organisation. Many years later, the language and ways of working established continue to guide cross-functional efforts at the front end of innovation.

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Project type

Design cohesion

In complex global organisations, design responsibility can be spread across different disciplines, silos and locations, often encouraging a reactive response to local needs, diverse approaches to similar problems, and inconsistent levels of service provision across the business.

We help design teams find ways to foster a common purpose, build a collaborative culture, and develop shared ways of working in order to maximise their effectiveness.