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Product-service propositions

  • Product-service propositions
  • Product-service propositions
  • Product-service propositions
  • Product-service propositions
  • Product-service propositions
  • Product-service propositions

A technology client asked us to help generate some new, disruptive service concepts to add to their innovation pipeline.

Our initial challenge was to decide how to deal with a scope that spanned three industry sectors. We framed each sector to focus on intersections between the client’s core capabilities and areas of high growth or potential disruption. Having isolated some initial areas of opportunity, we interviewed a mix of experts and consumers to further our orientation. The insights we gathered fed into an opportunity workshop, which generated ideas that were filtered for desirability, viability, feasibility and ‘disruptability’.

The best ideas were brought to life through personas and illustrated mini-scenarios, which we combined with pertinent trends and touch-points to create an opportunity experience map.

This map formed the basis for a proposition workshop. Plan developed the resulting ideas into fully articulated propositions that included service blueprints, commercial ecosystem and revenue stream opportunities. These were shared with a wider group of internal stakeholders and prioritised for introduction into an innovation pipeline funnel.

Plan then took the highest priority proposition and developed it into an outline concept, building wireframe prototypes on three device platforms. These were tested in context with a small group of households in the UK. The prototypes and a testing plan were also shared with the client who adapted them for testing in other markets. We iterated the concept between tests and communicated our findings and recommendations for further development in a validation report.

All the propositions won internal funding for development and entered our client’s innovation pipeline.


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Experience plans

These days, no product is an island; each one is part of an ecosystem of devices and services, and offerings from partner companies. These multi-faceted systems are complex, and difficult to conceptualise in ways that organisations can work with.

We support our clients during the early stages of product design by capturing guiding factors in experience frameworks. Based on key experience objective, we build ‘experience models’ that map key aspects of the product ecosystem and how they relate to the customer experience. These models provide high-level guidance for product development within the context of that system.