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A pipeline of innovation
to utilise production capacity

  • A pipeline of innovation <br>to utilise production capacity

A leading US brand asked us for help in defining a launch plan of range extensions to fill a future gap in revenue. The challenge was to identify innovations that could both be produced within the existing constraints to production capacity, and also genuinely broaden the brand’s appeal beyond existing customers.

After initial stages of explorative research, idea generation and concept evaluation to identify the most promising consumer-relevant opportunities (which we also led), we facilitated a pipeline creation and alignment stage with a cross functional team. By creating concept assessment tools, functional experts were able to evaluate the impact of each idea on sourcing, production, revenue and profitability, allowing the client to prioritise concepts for development.

After we developed a pipeline strategy story document which our client called an ‘extraordinary piece of work of which to be proud’, senior stakeholders signed off the pipeline. The first round of projects were initiated and business cases developed to gain the necessary long-term investment.

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Innovation pipelines

Innovation is a risky business, often compounded by over-reliance on the next one or two ‘big bets’. Moving from delivering individual projects to fueling and maintaining a healthy innovation pipeline requires a shift in mindset and raises strategic questions. What’s our balance of incremental/radical innovation? How can we manage short term delivery while maintaining longer term explorations? What should our cadence of new launches be? What will our portfolio look like once our pipeline is realised?

We help development teams create coherent innovation plans by considering a broad range of internal and external drivers of change: from market insights and production capabilities to business model and route-to-market opportunities. Through pipeline mapping workshops we identify the key dimensions to structure plans around, define projects and their sequence to market launch, and outline a pipeline narrative for communication to the business.