Product-service strategy

Case study

New product-service concepts

  • New product-service concepts
  • New product-service concepts
  • New product-service concepts
  • New product-service concepts
  • New product-service concepts

A corporate strategy team with technology business asked us to develop a range of new business concepts. They were to represent sizeable revenue opportunities and be based around propositions that combined physical products and digital services.

Our first challenge was how to deal with a wide scope. We did this by using an industry sector and global consumer segment framework, to agree focus areas. Having agreed some criteria, we scanned our trends databases to identify potential opportunity drivers. These provided an input for a workshop in which strategists from across the business created initial ideas. These were filtered using criteria which included size of opportunity, level of consumer need, likely strength of competition, and degree of fit with the company’s key advantages.

We then developed the leading ideas to a stage at which they could be shared with international experts in the relevant industries and markets. Their insights and feedback helped us to prioritise and develop the strongest opportunities. We presented these to our client in the form of customer propositions, with conceptual visuals of key elements of the offering, use cases and revenue models. We also profiled some emerging types of customers to help bring the market to life.

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Project type

New business concepts

As existing lines of business mature, corporate strategy teams scan the 5-10 year horizon for emerging opportunities, looking for new and high-growth streams of future revenue. New trends are discussed on a rolling basis – but which ones might lead to significant opportunities, and what might these opportunities look like?

We begin by applying proprietary scoping criteria which allow us to frame the project and select the pertinent influences from a wide-ranging review of social, economic, technological and design trends. We then lead a workshop with participants drawn from across the client’s internal teams, generating a large number of early opportunity hypotheses. We validate the best of these with industry experts and develop a selection into detailed business concepts, including propositions, high-level concept visuals and revenue models.