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Getting Gen Z
behind the wheel

  • Getting Gen Z <br>behind the wheel
  • Getting Gen Z <br>behind the wheel
  • Getting Gen Z <br>behind the wheel
  • Getting Gen Z <br>behind the wheel
  • Getting Gen Z <br>behind the wheel

A transportation brand asked us to figure out how it could best engage a new generation around personal mobility. They wanted a conceptual framework, backed by data and analysis, to help them identify a comprehensive range of opportunities – rather than deliver specific product or service concepts.

We began by identifying internal and external industry assumptions. These were then contrasted with wider social, technological and business trends analysis to develop a set of hypotheses. The hypotheses were then tested through expert interviews and consumer research in two European countries. The results challenged the accepted wisdom and fueled an opportunity framework workshop, where the key areas of potential were identified.

We recommended three R&D focus areas, backed by initial concept ideas. Our client particularly appreciated how we helped them clarify a complex problem and how we robustly challenged accepted wisdom within the industry.


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Project type

Opportunity frameworks

In the early stages of large innovation initiatives it is often unclear where the best market opportunities lie. Where are the real consumer needs? What is the best fit with the brand’s capabilities? Where are the strong competitors? How could we usefully think about this new landscape?

We begin by mapping the boundaries and dimensions of the ‘opportunity space’. We then explore and identify the sweet spots through foresight analysis, expert interviews and sometimes consumer research too. This type of project leaves the client with a clear view on where to focus innovation effort and why. We then structure the landscape in a way that clarifies where to focus innovation efforts.