Product-service strategy

Case study

Training a community of
experience design leaders

  • Training a community of <br>experience design leaders
  • Training a community of <br>experience design leaders
  • Training a community of <br>experience design leaders

After collaborating to create and pilot a consumer experience model and innovation process for product improvement, we were asked to support the scale-up of the approach across our client’s organisation in key regions.

We first identified potential process leaders: innovators with previous experience as project contributors, a passion for the process and the right facilitation skills. We then codified the knowledge and skills needed to run each process step, and a created a series of training exercises and materials. After running a two day ‘learning by doing’ training programme, we remotely supported the community’s first efforts to lead the process, through weekly coaching sessions and an end-of-project debrief.

Three years on, the process leaders continue to lead experience design projects in a consistent way, with new recruits trained on demand and supported by this community of practice.


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  • Capability development
  • Organisation and culture
  • Tools and processes

Project type

Process scaling

While many organisations have a defined product development process to take concepts from assessment to launch, how to work ‘pre-idea’ – at the front end of the innovation process – is often fuzzily understood, with project teams adopting ad-hoc approaches in reaction to the business challenge at hand.

We help companies take a more pro-active approach to front-end innovation by: identifying common project types and existing pockets of good practice; developing new processes and tools; then supporting their dissemination within the organisation.