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  • Mainstreaming <br>smartphones
  • Mainstreaming <br>smartphones
  • Mainstreaming <br>smartphones
  • Mainstreaming <br>smartphones
  • Mainstreaming <br>smartphones

A technology client asked us to help them grow the market for smartphones, from early adopters to the mass market consumer. Smartphones were shifting from high-end ‘magical’ gadgets to products that regular consumers were beginning to see value in – but for different reasons than the first generation of users.

Our task was to identify different types of potential mass market consumers and anticipate their smartphone needs, then develop holistic value propositions for them.

We began with a review of the context in Europe, which included socio-cultural, market and design trends, as well as an analysis of key competitors. We then conducted user research in three European markets, focusing on perceptions of smartphones, mobile behaviours, design preferences, and user needs.

We mixed desk and user insights to develop a consumer segmentation model, identify opportunities and build propositions. These included business rationales, user scenarios, unique feature ideas and visual directions.

Our client appreciated how we moved from insight to a practical strategic tool, which could be used to guide development across the business – and went on to become a dominant player in mass market smartphones.

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Value propositions

When companies start thinking about what type of product or service to develop, it is all too easy to end up with a long and convoluted list of ‘me too!’ features and benefits that they hope will appeal to a huge market. In fact, great products are almost always delivered by teams with a concise, credible and compelling story, which they remember and believe in.

We blend cultural, business, and brand know-how to build inspiring decision support tools, which clarify who the product is for and why they will choose it over the competition. We keep the process short and simple by focusing on the most telling attributes of the product experience.