Like its predecessors, this magazine is a collection of our thinking over the past year, where we deep dive into the hot topics of Food & Beverage and turn our independent eye to separating out the fads from the real transformations.

Food is slowly but surely following the lead of consumer tech industries, partnering with start-ups to drive innovation. Global food giants are now exploring different incubator models and in our main feature, we look at how medium-sized corporations could also enter the start-up field.

Sustainability is one of the biggest innovation drivers within the industry, affecting everything from ingredients to packaging. In our ‘How green are your consumers’ feature we look at the segmentation of green consumers and outline why a one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability won’t deliver results.

We also take a look at how psychology drives our need for customised products. Amongst some lighter bites exploring the power of packaging, CBD and the uptake of DNA-based diets.


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