Annual foresight book

Strategic foresight


A global telecoms design department wanted to communicate a clear and human-centric point of view on the future to senior management, the wider company and its customers and partners. While they had ‘mountains’ of technology and design trend reports, they lacked an opinion on what was most likely to affect their customer experience over the coming years.


After discussing the audiences the design team wanted to engage, we decided that an annual publication around a particular customer experience theme was the best communication format.

We filtered tech, social, lifestyle and design trends from multiple inputs with the design team. Next, we developed mini-case studies of new products and services that exemplified elements of the trends we selected. Then we developed points of view on where the company should focus – and why – and created visual use cases to bring these focus areas to life. We also wrote deep-dive thought pieces on topical questions such as the ethics of AI and the future of privacy. Finally, we designed and edited a stylish and compelling booklet.


  • Clarified client team’s perspective on key trends
  • Concrete customer experience use cases drove actionable internal conversations
  • Following the first publication, future books were considered to be insightful to distribute outside the company

Plan helped us create a clearer picture of the future, and worked closely with my team to widen our perspective and sharpen the communication of our concepts.’

Head of design foresight

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