Product-service strategy


Strategy at the
intersection between
design, technology
and business

Our clients call on us to help them get clear about what to do next. The problems we solve are often new and usually complex, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We’ve worked on a broad range of projects, illustrated by the case studies below.

Our experience spans all of the following project types:


  • Framing workshops
  • Opportunity frameworks
  • Experience evaluation
  • Consumer models
  • Market studies
  • Market definition


  • New business concepts
  • Vision concepts
  • Value propositions
  • Brand-design identity
  • Experience plans
  • Innovation pipelines


  • Process scaling
  • Design cohesion
  • Design integration
  • Design structures
  • Talent strategy
  • Professional development
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New product-service concepts

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Getting Gen Z
behind the wheel

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Defining a design-driven
innovation philosophy

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Training a community of
experience design leaders

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Envisioning an extension
into healthcare

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Defining a global
experience design brief

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Product-service propositions

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Trading-up to a
premium positioning

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Mentoring the next generation of design leaders

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Front-end technology development by design

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Creating a consumer
experience model to
unify design efforts

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Van men need different
types of mobile services

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Distilling design preferences
in emerging markets

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Deepening the
talent pool

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A pipeline of innovation
to utilise production capacity

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Positioning design in an organisation

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Breathing life into a segmentation model